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[Creative sign specialty store | Quick-drawn signature] A professional calligrapher creates a special sign just for you

I am Nozomi Sobue, a calligrapher who is in charge of creating signatures at the signature creation service `` Kokuhide Sign .''

“I want to know how to use creative signs and how to make them.”

“I want to know what kind of people the Creative Sign is recommended for.”

“I want to make my own cool sign.”

I wrote an article for those people!

Celebrities and professional athletes have fashionable and cool autographs, but do you know how these autographs are made?

In this article, we will introduce basic knowledge of creative signs, how to make creative signs, and recommended services!

《Person who wrote this article》

Nozomi Sobue

Representative calligrapher of quick signatures.

So far, more than 5,000 people have created signatures.

In his first crowdfunding on Makuake, he achieved a total support purchase of 26,668,000 yen (first place in Makuake service category).

We create many signatures for people who are active on the front lines of various industries, such as celebrities, models, professional athletes, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and business executives.

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⚫︎Basic knowledge of creative signs

・What is a creative sign?

・What kind of people are creative signs recommended for?

・Signs have a wide variety of uses.

・How to make creative signs

⚫︎Creative sign specialty store “Kokuhide Sign”

・Crowdfunding results

・Differences from other sign creation services

⚫︎Nozomi Sobue's actual signature creation example

⚫︎Q & A regarding sign creation

⚫︎Summary: For stylish and sophisticated creative signatures, leave it to “Speed ​​Sign”

⚫︎Basic knowledge of creative signs

Nozomi Sobue autograph

・What is a creative sign?

A creative sign is a sign that is unique to you, created using beautiful fonts and unique designs.

Not only does it express one's image and commitment to show one's identity, but it is also used in business settings such as product packaging and brand logos.

・What kind of people are creative signs recommended for?


〈People with bad handwriting〉

Many people have a complex about bad handwriting, but it is not easy to change the handwriting that you have learned up until now.

Therefore, if you want to be able to draw just your own name in a cool and beautiful way, we recommend creating a sign.

If you want to be able to write beautiful handwriting, please refer to the following articles.

Here are five points that I think are important from a calligrapher's perspective.

 A must-see for those who are worried about bad handwriting! 5 points for writing beautiful handwriting

5 points for writing beautiful handwriting

〈People whose name has many strokes〉

For people who feel bothered by the number of strokes in their name, a sign with fewer strokes that is a simplified version of the original name is suitable.

For example, a name that takes 40 strokes when written in block font can be simplified to just 4 strokes when turned into a signature.

〈People who have many opportunities to sign autographs〉

People who have to sign documents many times a day for work or other reasons may find signing autographs a chore.

The appeal of creative signatures is that you can write signatures much faster than writing in block font.

A name that would take about 15 seconds to write in block font can be written in just 2 seconds with a simplified creative signature.

〈People who want to draw cool and smart signs〉

Many people who want creative autographs have a desire to be able to quickly draw stylish and cool autographs.

Creative signs created by professionals are not only quick to draw, but also create unique, well-balanced, and cool designs.

〈People who frequently use credit cards〉

Recommended for those who often use credit cards.

Some people may choose to use a PIN when making credit card payments, but creative signs are superior in terms of payment time, security, and coolness.

The following article introduces the usefulness and points to note when using a signature with a credit card.

 Make sure your credit card signature is cool! How to write a signature in style

How to write a cool credit card signature

・Signs have a wide variety of uses.

When you hear the use of signs, you probably think of things like receiving luggage or making credit card payments.

However, signs have a wide range of uses and are used everywhere.

In business situations, it can be used for email signatures, business cards, signing contracts and approval documents, and logos for shops and brands.

In my private life, I enjoy hotel check-ins, golf, SNS icons, embroidery on suits, name pens, etc.

The following article introduces how to create a sign suitable for each purpose, so if you are interested, please read it!

 13 uses for signs! Let's make a sign that suits your purpose!

13 uses for signs

・How to make creative signs

There are two ways to create a creative sign: ``make it yourself'' or ``entrust it to a professional.''

<Make it yourself>

Of course, hiring a professional will cost money, so I think it's a good idea to try making it yourself first.

If you want to make your own sign, we recommend following the steps below.

  1. Decide which parts of the name should be emphasized and which parts should be simplified, and create a prototype sign keeping in mind the overall balance.
  2. While actually using the signature you created, find areas that are difficult to write on or areas that you would like to make corrections to.
  3. Correct the parts that are difficult to write
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to get closer to a refined signature.

The most difficult step is step 1: creating a prototype.

In the article below, we will introduce in detail the design tips and writing tips for step 1, so if you are interested in creating a sign, please read it.

 9 tips on how to make and write signatures taught by professional calligraphers

How to make a sign that only a calligrapher can do

<Ask a professional>

Another way to make a sign is to hire a professional.

I think it would be best if you could make a good-looking sign without spending a lot of money, but I think it would be difficult for someone who has no knowledge of letter design to create a sign.

Of course, if you want to make a sign that you are satisfied with, you can read the article I introduced earlier and you will be able to make a good enough sign, but if you want a cool sign that you won't be embarrassed to see, The best way to do this is to hire a professional.

If you want to have your signature created by a professional calligrapher or if you want a sophisticated and cool signature that is unique to you, please contact ``Kokusho Sign''.

⚫︎Creative sign specialty store “Kokuhide Sign”

Creative sign specialty store Quick-drawn sign

Quick signature is a service in which I, Nozomi Sobue, a professional calligrapher, carefully examine your name and create a high-quality original signature that will last a lifetime.

Signs that incorporate the experience and techniques unique to calligraphers, who are professionals who write beautiful calligraphy, can be said to be works of art that cannot be imitated by other companies.

・Crowdfunding results

Quickwriting Sign has conducted crowdfunding three times in the past, and the amount of support has significantly exceeded the target amount.

November 2021 ~ Makuake first edition

Quick writing signature Makuake 1st edition

July 2022 ~ machi-ya (CAMPFIRE)

Quick writing signature machi-ya

March 2023 ~ Makuake 2nd edition

Quick writing signature Makuake Part 2

I have created signatures for over 5,000 people so far, and I will create a signature that will last a lifetime just for you.

・Differences from other sign creation services

The strengths of Speed ​​Signs that are not found in other sign creation services include ``signs created by professional calligraphers'' and ``5 typefaces that only calligraphers can create.''

  1. A professional calligrapher creates a signature
Signed by calligrapher Nozomi Sobue

With other sign creation services, a designer is in charge of creating the signs, but with Kosoku Sign, I, Nozomi Sobue, who is a calligrapher, is in charge of creating all the signs.

We create the highest quality signs using our highly skilled techniques and experience as a calligrapher, as well as our knowledge of approximately 50,000 characters.

  1. Five typefaces that can be used depending on the purpose
Quick writing sign positioning map

Based on our belief that signatures should be appropriate depending on the purpose, we have developed five typefaces: practical, unique, quick-writing, stylish, and polite.

We believe that only calligraphers, who are experts in calligraphy, can correctly understand the characteristics of letters and create signs tailored to their respective uses.

In addition, we provide "tracing sheets" and "stroke order videos" that are essential for learning signatures efficiently.

By using these, you can learn to sign in about 5 to 10 minutes, so even those who are worried about whether they will be able to write their signatures can use it with confidence.

・Tracing sheet (signature example: Yudai Tanaka) *Brush letter delivery option applicable

・Brush order video (signature example: Akira Uchiyama) *Brush letter delivery option applicable

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⚫︎Nozomi Sobue's actual signature creation example

At Speed ​​Sign, we can create kanji signs, English signs, and abbreviated signs.

I will be posting some of the signs I have created so far, so please try expanding your image of the sign.

Kanji signature creation example

Abbreviation sign creative example

Example of English signature creation

If you would like to see more creative examples, please take a look at the article below, which features 60 carefully selected signs.

 60 examples of sign designs created by calligraphers!

60 examples of sign designs created by calligraphers

⚫︎Q & A regarding sign creation

Quick writing autograph Q&A

[Q] How long does it take from ordering a creative sign to delivery?
[A] We will deliver the item within 2 business days. Our delivery time is the fastest in the industry, so we recommend it if you are in a hurry.

[Q] Will it be easier to write my signature?
[A] If you use the included tracing sheet and stroke order video, you will be able to write to some extent in 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the font.
The more you use the sign, the more it will fit in your hand and become more sophisticated, so please enjoy the feeling of the delivered sign becoming yours.

[Q] Can I request modifications to the design after delivery?
[A] We accept unlimited re-proofing for one month after delivery.
We want to provide you with a signature that you are completely satisfied with, so if you have any concerns, please feel free to request re-proofreading.

⚫︎Summary: For stylish and sophisticated creative signatures, leave it to “Speed ​​Sign”

Leave your stylish and sophisticated creative signature to Speed ​​Sign.

In Japan, the culture of seals has been deeply rooted since ancient times, but in most countries outside of Japan, signature culture is common.

In Japan, the need for signatures is expected to increase in the future due to the promotion of stamp removal and train signatures.

In such a situation, which would you choose: write your name in random letters or wear a sophisticated and cool signature?

If you would like a stylish and sophisticated creative signature, please contact Quick Sign.

We will create a wonderful sign that you will become attached to and want to use for a lifetime.

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