Choose by plan - Quick writing signature – 速筆サイン

Choose by plan - Quick writing signature

Plan image

In the quick signature,
Depending on your budget and purpose
So that you can choose
multiple plans
I prepared it.

Plan list

Plan table

*Products other than Kotobuki Plan's "ordered works" will be delivered electronically.

*Please refer to the example below for abbreviated signatures.

Example) In the case of Mr. Ichiro Signature, "I. Syomei", "IS", "Ichiro", "Signature", etc.


5 typefaces

Can be used depending on the usage scene

We have 5 fonts available.


Transparent PNG data

Because the background is transparent,
It can be used for various purposes.
*Transparent PNG data is included with all plans.


Signature example) Airi Tsuchiya


Signature example) Airi Tsuchiya

tracing sheet

By practicing tracing,
You can learn signs efficiently.
*The tracing sheet is included with "Ume" and above plans.


Signature example) Airi Tsuchiya

Stroke order video

I can't tell from the tracing sheet
Changes in the speed and slowness of signature writing
For your convenience,
You can practice more efficiently.
*The stroke order video is included with plans of "Bamboo" and above.


Sign example) Airi. T

Plan List

Plum plan

Kanji and English sign
You can try them one by one.
A tracing sheet will be added, so
For those who want to learn efficiently,
I want to use kanji and alphabetic signs differently.
It is recommended for anyone who wants.

Plan details

bamboo plan

Stroke order videos will be added,
You can learn more efficiently.
In addition, a quick-drawn signature will be added, so
There are many opportunities to sign autographs, and there are signs that can be written quickly.
Recommended for those who want it.

Plan details

pine plan

In addition to the bamboo plan typeface,
A polite type and a fancy type will be added.
After creating all five fonts
I want to choose the best one for me
It is recommended for anyone who wants.
Polite type is easy to use in business settings
It is a typeface.

Plan details

Kotobuki Plan

Matsu plan, Kin no Matsu plan, custom work
This is a special plan that includes.
Recommended as a souvenir for every celebration.
Special memories that will stay in your heart
Please use it in the scene you want to create.

Kin no Matsu Plan
The delivery contents are the same as the Matsu plan.
Matsu Plan sign in golden calligraphy
I will write it.
In the attached transparent PNG data
The gold letters stand out beautifully, so
By including it in photos, works, etc.
This will create an even more special finish.

Order work
Calligrapher Nozomi Sobue
Created as a one-off item,
"A one-of-a-kind piece in the world."
Your name or your favorite word (up to 4 characters)
We will create it with
This item will be delivered by mail.

Plan detailsgold sign