Choose by typeface - Speed ​​signature – 速筆サイン

Choose by typeface - Speed ​​signature

Choose by font

Depending on the purpose and usage scene
Be able to use the signs differently
Practical type, individual type, quick writing type, stylish type, and polite type.
We have 5 fonts available.

A luxurious experience that makes full use of multiple signs
Please enjoy.

Each font/details page

5 typefaces

  • Practical type
  • personality type
  • quick writing type
  • Stylish type
  • Polite type
  • Practical type

    Usage scenarios: approval documents, contracts, etc.
    Impression: smart, cool, solid

    Practical type
  • personality type

    Usage scenarios: engraving on works, etc.
    The impression you give – different, unique, unique

    personality type
  • quick writing type

    Usage scene: When paying by credit card, etc.
    Impression: Smart, good at work

    quick writing type
  • Stylish type

    Usage Scenarios - Hotel check-in, etc.
    Impression: Stylish, fashionable

    Stylish type
  • Polite type

    Usage scenarios: ceremonial occasions, greeting cards, etc.
    Impression: spacious, clean

    Polite type

Choose by plan

Depending on your occupation and usage scene.
Since we have multiple plans available,

You can choose the plan that suits you best.