Calligrapher Nozomi Sobue - Quick-hand autograph – 速筆サイン

Calligrapher Nozomi Sobue - Quick-hand autograph

Nozomi Sobue

In the quick signature,
Nozomi Sobue, a calligrapher who has won numerous awards at a young age, is in charge of creating all the signs.

Original signatures that incorporate the experience and techniques unique to calligraphers,
It can truly be called a work of art.

black background gold letters

Nozomi Sobue

Nozomi Sobue Biography

Born in Toyama Prefecture in 1996

2005 Started learning calligraphy

Withdrew from calligraphy class in 2015

Graduated from university in 2019, returned to Toyama in spring to solidify foundation

To improve skills in 2020,
Joined the class of a respected calligraphy teacher and began working as a calligrapher in earnest

Nozomi Sobue

Achievements (partial)

In 2019, we entered China, where calligraphy is the real world. Exhibited at the event booth at the management seminar held at Mels Weldon Hotel in Guangzhou twice, once in summer and once in fall. Small performances, book sales, and writing company mottos etc. upon request on the spot.
Under the guidance of Yoen Owada, a calligrapher from Toyama Prefecture, I served as a calligraphy instructor for children's classes at two locations in Toyama Prefecture (after-school childcare and community spaces) for half a year.

In 2020, we performed calligraphy performances at three locations in Toyama Prefecture as part of the calligraphy performance team "Team Sunroom" led by Yoen Owada.
Created store name logo for Bar Aegis, Niigata Prefecture Created sake labels for Dewazakura Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.'s Kanshu Kansai Festival, ``Kanshu Festival'' and ``Dewa Zakura''

2021 Toyama Prefecture Relaxation Salon Morino Kaze store name logo creation “Yin Yang” work exhibited at Higashiazabu Atelier & Gallery

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Previous works

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