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A handwriting expert explains how to make a cool initial sign!

I am Nozomi Sobue, a calligrapher who is in charge of creating signatures at the signature creation service `` Kokuhide Sign .''

“I want to know what initial signs are and what they can be used for.”

"I want to know the difference between a normal full name signature and an initial signature."

“I want to know how to make a cool initial sign.”

I wrote an article for those people!

This article provides a detailed introduction to the basic knowledge of initial signs, their effectiveness in public situations, and precautions when using them.

At the end of the article, we will show you how to make a cool initial sign, so be sure to read it!

《Person who wrote this article》

Nozomi Sobue

Representative calligrapher of quick signatures.

So far, more than 5,000 people have created signatures.

In his first crowdfunding on Makuake, he achieved a total support purchase of 26,668,000 yen (first place in Makuake service category).

We create many signatures for people who are active on the front lines of various industries, such as celebrities, models, professional athletes, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and business executives.

table of contents

⚫︎Basic knowledge of initial signs

・What is an initial sign?

・What kind of person is an initial sign recommended for?

・Initial sign used for brand logo

⚫︎Efficacy of initial signature

⚫︎Notes on initial signatures

⚫︎Sophisticated initial signature created by "Kokushu Sign"

⚫︎Summary: Create a cool initial sign and use it for various purposes

⚫︎Basic knowledge of initial signs

Initial sign design example

・What is an initial sign?

Initial signatures, as the name suggests, are signatures made with just the initials, such as "ST".

When you think of a signature, many people think of a full name in Kanji or English, but in English-speaking countries, it is more common to sign with initials.

If you would like to see examples of sign designs for kanji signs and alphabet signs in addition to initial signs (abbreviation signs), please see the article below.

 60 examples of sign designs created by calligraphers!

60 examples of sign designs created by calligraphers

・What kind of person is an initial sign recommended for?

Unlike signing your full name, initial signatures can be written in about 1 second, so they are recommended for people who often have to sign autographs at work.

It is also ideal for those who are bothered by the long number of strokes in their name and the amount of time it takes to sign.

Initial signs that can be drawn quickly and smartly are useful in a variety of situations.

"I've never made a sign before, so I don't know what it can be used for."

“Even though we made signs, I don’t think they are being used very much.”

If so, please read the article below!

 13 uses for signs! Let's make a sign that suits your purpose!

13 uses for signs

・Initial sign used for brand logo

Initial signs are said to be difficult to create a good-looking design because they are simple, but when designed by a professional, it creates a sophisticated and cool impression.

In fact, there are many examples of companies such as YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) and ST Dupont using their initial signature as a brand logo, which helps improve brand image.

YSL initial sign

Source: [Official] Yves Saint Laurent

S.T. Dupont initial signature

Source: [Official] ST Dupont

⚫︎Efficacy of initial signature

Some people may wonder, "Can initial signatures be used on contracts, etc.?" However, even initial signatures are generally valid as long as the parties themselves sign them. . (In some cases, a full name signature or seal may be required.)

Initial signatures can also be used to sign credit cards.

When using a credit card at a fashionable bar, restaurant, or hotel, it would be nice if you could write a cool initial signature instead of just writing your full name in kanji.

I have a detailed article about credit card signatures, so if you are interested, please read it!

 Make sure your credit card signature is cool! How to write a signature in style

Thumbnail_How to write a cool credit card signature

⚫︎Notes on initial signatures

Initial sign notes

The initial signature is

- I can feel the commitment

- You can finish signing smartly in about 1 second

- Free yourself from the hassle of writing your full name

Although this sign has many advantages, there are also some points you should be careful of.

What you need to be careful about is that the design tends to be more monotonous than kanji or English signatures, so there is a risk of it being forged. Be careful not to create a sign that is not specifically designed as a unique sign, as anyone can imitate it if it is just a simple alphabet sign.

If you want to use an initial sign, it will cost a little more, but you should have it created by a professional.

We also create initial signatures for quick handwriting signatures, and we receive high praise from people who say, ``Our calligraphers, who are professional calligraphers, create signatures with sophisticated designs that are difficult to forge.''

Button_Order a quick-drawn signature

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⚫︎Sophisticated initial signature created by "Kokushu Sign"

When creating an initial signature, we recommend a quick-drawn signature.

Speed ​​signatures are created by professional calligraphers who are well versed in the characteristics of calligraphy, making it possible to create unique signatures that are difficult to forge.

Quick Signature was a third-party survey of 1,278 people in their 20s to 60s, and was based on ``customer satisfaction'', ``a signature creation service chosen by business owners'', and ``a calligrapher's signature creation experience''. It has been ranked No. 1 in three categories.

Additionally, we deliver autographs in two business days, which is the fastest delivery time in the industry, so we recommend this service if you need an initial autograph right away.

As for quick handwriting signatures, the "abbreviation signature" that comes with the "Take Plan" and "Matsu Plan" corresponds to the initial signature.

By practicing using the ``tracing sheet'' and ``stroke order video'' that come with the ``Bamboo Plan'' and ``Matsu Plan'' as bonuses, you can learn the signature in about 5 to 10 minutes. Please feel free to use our service.

・Tracing sheet (signature example: Yudai Tanaka) *Brush letter delivery option applicable

・Brush order video (signature example: Akira Uchiyama) *Brush letter delivery option applicable

In addition, we also provide "re-proofreading" for quick signatures.

We promise to proofread your work as many times as necessary until you are satisfied with the design and provide a signature that you are satisfied with.

*The attachments of ``tracing sheet'', ``stroke order video'', and ``reproofreading'' vary depending on the plan, so please check the following for details.

 Quick signature plan details

Button_Order a quick-drawn signature

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⚫︎Summary: Create a cool initial sign and use it for various purposes

Let's use cool initial signs for various purposes

This time we introduced initial signs.

It is very useful to have one initial sign that can be used in various situations.

When ordering a sign, please choose the "Bamboo Plan" if you only need one sign, or the "Matsu Plan" if you want two.

Quick-drawn signatures are the highest quality signatures created by calligraphers who are professional calligraphers, so once they are made, they can be used semi-permanently as a ``sign for a lifetime''.

Why not take this opportunity to consider creating an initial signature?