For those who want to create a logo - quick signature – 速筆サイン

For those who want to create a logo - quick signature

Those who want to create a logo

Logos have great power when promoting your company name, products, services, etc.

Originality that cannot be reproduced with existing fonts,
The warmth and strength unique to handwriting is a major attraction of calligraphy logos.

The calligraphy logo is a handwritten typeface.
``Jojoen'', ``Katana Co., Ltd.'', ``Koeda'', etc.
It is also used by many famous companies.

The originality of the calligraphy logo is
Because it is instantly recognized as "that brand!" at a glance,
It exerts great power in branding products and services.

renew the company logo,
Starting a business, releasing a new product,
If you are developing a new service,
Please take this opportunity to consider a calligraphy logo.

Nozomi Sobue Works Examples

Nozomi Sobue Works Examples

I imagined the meat to be thick and firm.
By making the vertical lines the thickest, a sense of stability is created,
The distinctive English letters on the back make it even more appealing.

Creation date: November 2020

This is the logo of a beauty salon in an elegant space that was renovated from an old folk house.
It is rounded and has a soft feel.
Differentiate the margins with Morino and Kaze,
The design has a natural feel.

Creation date: July 2021
Requested by: Mr. Morinokaze

We added a sense of dynamism to the Kansake Festival to create an impact.
On the other hand, Dewazakura has a sense of stability.
The cherry blossoms were designed to evoke the scent of alcohol.

Creation date: November 2020 Requester: Dewazakura Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

It's for a magazine aimed at foreigners, so
It was designed to resemble the Japanese flag.
While retaining its coolness,
The gracefulness is also expressed through lines.

Creation date: July 2021 Requested by: Picture book artist SHIHO