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Entertainers/Sportsmen - Quick-drawn autographs


Autographs from entertainers and sportsmen are
It will be an irreplaceable treasure for the fans who support them.
Therefore, it can be said that autographs play an important role in connecting both celebrities and fans.

By using original signatures,
you express who you are,
It allows you to communicate with your fans.

Each font/details page

- Creation example -

Hiroyoshi Ushiro

Hiroyuki Ushiro (35)
decathlon athlete

  • Practical type

    Usage scenarios: approval documents, contracts, etc.
    Impression: smart, cool, solid

  • personality type

    Usage scenarios: engraving on works, etc.
    The impression you give – different, unique, unique

  • quick writing type

    Usage scene: When paying by credit card, etc.
    Impression: Smart, good at work

  • Stylish type

    Usage Scenarios - Hotel check-in, etc.
    Impression: Stylish, fashionable

  • Polite type

    Usage scenarios: ceremonial occasions, greeting cards, etc.
    Impression: spacious, clean

customer's voice

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Mr. MY/32 years old/male/
professional kickboxer

I'm a kickboxer, and when I was getting more and more requests for autographs from fans, I learned about quick-drawn autographs through an introduction from a friend.
I ordered the Matsu Plan, and within a week of receiving it, I was able to write all 10 types of signatures.
All of the signs are so wonderful that the signs that I used to create and use seem like doodles.
From now on, I will use my original signature with confidence!

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Mr. TM/38 years old/male/actor

I had a job that was seen by people and I had many opportunities to sign autographs, so I asked him to do it.
Up until now, we had been using a sign made by someone else, but the design didn't quite work for us.
There are 10 patterns of signs that Sobue-sensei made for us, all with very different impressions, and I'm going to use the one with the unique type that I particularly like as the main one.
Thank you for creating such a cool sign!