For artists - quick signature – 速筆サイン

For artists - quick signature

For artists

Among artists,
It is customary to sign the work.

This includes not only expressing originality, but also
It serves as proof that the work was created by the author himself.

The original signature engraved on the work symbolizes the author's rights and the value of the work.

Each font/details page

Practical type personality type quick writing type Stylish type Polite type

- Creation example -

Toshiki Hayasaka

Hisaki Hayasaka (34)
Kotodama painter

  • Practical type

    Usage scenarios: approval documents, contracts, etc.
    Impression: smart, cool, solid

  • personality type

    Usage scenarios: engraving on works, etc.
    The impression you give – different, unique, unique

  • quick writing type

    Usage scene: When paying by credit card, etc.
    Impression: Smart, good at work

  • Stylish type

    Usage Scenarios - Hotel check-in, etc.
    Impression: Stylish, fashionable

  • Polite type

    Usage scenarios: ceremonial occasions, greeting cards, etc.
    Impression: spacious, clean

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For artists


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Those who want to create a logo

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customer's voice

<!--nl--> Product image

Mr. KS/28 years old/Male/Designer

I was interested in having my own sign designed, so I requested it.
All types have wonderful designs, but since I often sign autographs, I think I'll especially use the kanji quick-hand type and abbreviated sign.
This time I ordered the Bamboo Plan, but I'm also interested in Matsu Plan's polite and stylish signs, so I plan to order a new one once I can write the signs I received in a cool way.

<!--nl--> Product image

Mr. MI/49 years old/Male/Sculptor

Thank you for creating such a wonderful sign.
I think it's a wonderful thing, on par with the autographs of celebrities.
I'm a sculptor myself, and I feel that adding a signature to a piece of work raises the value of the piece.
I realized that I have a surprising number of opportunities to sign autographs even in my private life, so I'm going to use cool autographs with confidence from now on!