For businessmen - quick handwriting signature – 速筆サイン

For businessmen - quick handwriting signature

For businessmen

If you do a lot of business overseas or work overseas, a handwritten signature is essential.

Also, if you are working in Japan, you can make your own signature.
Checking in at a hotel during a business trip, signing at the end of a proposal, etc.
You can impress a smart man in casual situations.

Each font/details page

Practical type personality type quick writing type Stylish type Polite type

- Creation example -

Daiki Takano

Daiki Takano (37)
Custom suit production

  • Practical type

    Usage scenarios: approval documents, contracts, etc.
    Impression: smart, cool, solid

  • personality type

    Usage scenarios: engraving on works, etc.
    The impression you give – different, unique, unique

  • quick writing type

    Usage scene: When paying by credit card, etc.
    Impression: Smart, good at work

  • Stylish type

    Usage Scenarios - Hotel check-in, etc.
    Impression: Stylish, fashionable

  • Polite type

    Usage scenarios: ceremonial occasions, greeting cards, etc.
    Impression: spacious, clean

customer's voice

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Mr. TA/29 years old/Male/Engineer

I'm not good at handwriting, but I often have the opportunity to sign autographs.
I asked for it because I wanted to be able to write my name quickly and neatly.
To be honest, I was moved when I saw the sign I delivered! !
I especially liked the quick-drawn kanji signs, and the character for ``yabu'', which has a lot of strokes, has been beautifully simplified, and I'm looking forward to using the signs in the future!

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Mr. MS/32 year old male/Salesperson

I was impressed the moment I saw the finished product.
It's just so cool!
It really lasts a lifetime!
I have a lot of opportunities to sign autographs at work, so I would like to practice writing them properly according to the example.
I'm sure Sobue-san is making the signatures by himself, so I think it's quite difficult, but please do your best.
We are rooting for you!