Individual type - quick hand signature – 速筆サイン

Individual type - quick hand signature

personality type

Examining the unique characteristics of each character,
The ``individual type'' has a design with a big impact compared to other typefaces, with major changes in the outline.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy unique designs.

Usage Scenarios - Impressions such as engraving on works - Different from others, unique, unique

creative example

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customer's voice

Product image

Mr. HA/35 years old/male/restaurant management

I ordered it because I wanted to write a cool signature.
Even though I wanted my signature to reflect my mood, he readily agreed to my request and was able to write a signature that was perfect for my image.
I really like it!
Thanks to the practice videos, it is easy to visualize how to write, and it seems that you can learn quickly.
I'm really thankful to you.
I will use it with care.

Product image

Mr. HT/29 years old/Female/Performer

At first, I was very nervous and wondered if I would receive the correct product. Will you be satisfied? I ordered the product with 80% anxiety and 20% expectation.
The customer service was polite, but I was very nervous until I saw the product!
In the first place, the reason I asked for it this time is because the signature I had come up with seemed somehow childish and I felt really embarrassed when I was asked for documents or signatures.
Since he is a calligrapher, I thought it would be a warm and mature signature, so I asked for it!
The result was a product that far exceeded my expectations!
Now, I watch videos every day and practice following the example.
thank you very much.