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I would like to use handwritten signatures in the future! Interview with photographer Koyo

In this article series, we interview customers who have requested us to create original signatures using "Speed ​​Hand Signs" and ask them why they asked us to create their signatures , their future outlook on life , and what kind of situations they will use their signatures in the future. We will dig deeper into how you would like to utilize it .

What kind of person is actually requesting the creation of an original signature of "quick-drawn signature"? What kind of font is the signature that the person likes? This is a thought-provoking article.

If you are interested in creating a stylish original sign, please read until the end.

This time, we interviewed Koyo, an SNS consultant and photographer.

Koyo Influencer/Photographer/SNS Consultant Works at an advertising agency and works as an SNS consultant and photographer.
He also runs a personal Instagram account with 35,000 followers.
The goal is to support tourist attractions in attracting more customers by utilizing SNS, marketing, and great photos.

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table of contents

1. Interview with the creator of “SNS operation x cameraman”

2. I like the “abbreviated quick-hand” sign that matches my mood.

3. Future prospects and use of original signs

4. Conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

handwritten signature 1

Interview with the creator of “SNS operation x cameraman”

First of all, please introduce yourself.

I would like to say this.

Personally, I use Instagram to work as an influencer/creator.

As a company employee, I imagine myself working as a SNS operation agent/consultant/cameraman at an advertising agency, acting on behalf of the people on Instagram and Twitter for companies.

At the company I work for, we provide a one-stop service that handles everything from branding social media accounts to planning posts to actually posting and creating reports.

As a SNS consultant, I also do analysis and planning, but as a photographer, I also create photos and images, especially since I need to post photos on Instagram.

Recently, many companies are running campaigns on Twitter, but text alone doesn't have much of an impact, so I sometimes take photos of the products I'm giving away.

I imagine myself taking photos for social media, websites, and working as a photographer for IT.

So I work as an SNS operator and photographer.

Please tell us how you started managing your personal SNS.

Originally, I was working as a freelance photographer, and I decided to use SNS to attract customers.

I had a lot of photos, so I decided to use them to my advantage.

One of the reasons I joined my current company was when I realized that there was a job called SNS management.

I often go to scenic spots, and it seems like there are many regions, municipalities, and facilities that have great views but are not good at branding and marketing, so I want to promote tourist spots and facilities using photos and videos mainly on SNS! I can help! I started thinking.

I thought that if influencers could attract customers through PR and good marketing, this photogenic spot would never disappear.

Today, I actually went to the sunflower fields in Musashimurayama in Tokyo, but it seems that according to the policy of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, all the sunflower fields will disappear from next year at the 11th anniversary.

handwritten signature 2
(Reference: From Musashimurayama City official website )

Even though SNS has finally become popular, it's really sad.
It was a shame because I thought it could have been used more as it had taken root in the area and helped attract customers.

Since it is the place where sunflowers bloom earliest in Tokyo, you can use such a sales phrase and be able to do good marketing.

Even today, grandparents in the area were working in the sunflower fields, but those jobs will no longer be available.

I wanted to help spread the word about such beautiful spots and attract customers.

When I thought that SNS could be used for this purpose, I only had 2,000 followers at the time, so I thought that it would not be convincing.

Well, first of all, I thought that I could use the knowledge I gained at my current job at an advertising agency regarding marketing to increase followers, gain persuasive power, and better attract customers, so I started managing my own SNS.

I like the “abbreviated quick-hand” sign that matches my mood.

handwritten signature 3

Do you ever have to sign your autograph in your daily work or activities?

To be honest, up until now there hasn't been much.

However, I would like to publish a book in the future, and I would like to create a tourist spot, so I would like to have an easy-to-understand sign.

At that time, I learned about quick handwriting signatures.

Please tell us your favorite sign and what you think about it.

I like the abbreviation “quick writing type”!

handwritten signature 4
↑ Abbreviation speed writing type

I like that when you look at it at first glance, it looks like a ``copy'' of a photograph.

When I first used it in my Instagram stories, my followers often said, ``It's related to the photo, and it gives a soft impression of Kouyou!'', so I really like it.

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sign@column ← Please copy and use this.

Future prospects and use of original signs

handwritten signature 5

Please tell us about your future prospects in life.

Next year, I would like to collaborate more with local governments and the tourism industry in my personal work, and work hard to create beautiful scenery and initiatives! That's what I think.

I hold photography classes, so I would love to be able to sign autographs for the students there.

I also hold photo exhibitions myself and sometimes go to friends' photo exhibitions, so I think I can often use autographs at those times.

I think it can also be used when publishing a book.

My biggest dream for the future is to enliven the tourist destination.

We are gradually working with tourism associations and prefectural governments, but our big vision is to create photo spots at tourist spots and use SNS, marketing, and photos to attract customers.

Also, my ultimate goal is to create a situation where I can work anywhere as long as I have a camera and a computer.

However, it wouldn't be fun if I was the only one who could do it.

In August, we released an online salon for people who love photography and travel.

handwritten sign camera

I would like to support those members who want to earn at least 50,000 yen a month using cameras and computers.

Currently, over 30 people have participated in the first month of release. Our goal is to create an environment in which our members can work where they want, when they want, and travel with the people they want when they want.

The other day, I went around Shikoku in a camper van for a PR project, and many of my friends there said it was difficult to make a five-day weekend even if they used public holidays.

This may seem obvious, but I think it's extremely dangerous.

Are you going to work for another 40 years in an environment where you can't even get paid? I feel that way.

I want to create an environment where people can share this kind of thinking.

I want my friends and loved ones to be smiling, so I want to create an environment like this.

I don't like being the only one making money and traveling alone (lol).

handwritten signature 6

The other day, I went to Akita to do some PR work, but on the first day I was alone and it was really boring.

My friend joined me from the second day, and from then on it was a lot of fun, so I think it's important to create an environment where you can work and do what you like with two or three people, rather than alone. I felt that again.

As I worked towards my own goals and prospects, I started putting my signature to the photo spot and adding my signature to the website to show that I had created the photo spot. I think so.

In conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

handwritten signature 7

How was it?

That's all for our interview with Koyo.

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handwritten signature 8

We create signs in five fonts: practical , unique , quick-writing , polite , and stylish so that you can use the signs differently depending on the purpose and usage situation.

handwritten signature 9

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This service was made possible because of the repeated research and practice of calligraphers who are professional calligraphers.

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handwritten signature 10

Signs created by professionals are not only highly designed and stylish, but they are also created with an exquisite balance in mind, so anyone can write them with practice.

Furthermore, the quick hand signature comes with a video of the stroke order of the signature and a practice sheet, making it easy to practice!

handwritten signature 11

A stylish and cool original sign that will last a lifetime is the best investment you can make in yourself.

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