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I was impressed by the beauty of the sign, which conveys power in its name. Interview with the director of a treatment clinic with zero repeat customers

In this article series, we interview customers who have requested us to create original signatures for "Speed ​​Hand Signs" and ask them why they asked us to create their signatures , their future prospects for life , and what kind of situations they will use their signatures in the future. We will dig deeper into how you would like to utilize it .

What kind of person is actually requesting the creation of an original signature for quick handwriting, what kind of font is the signature that the person likes, and so on, so that they can get an image of what it will be like after actually requesting the creation of a signature. This is an article.

If you are interested in creating a cool original sign, please read until the end.

This time, we interviewed Junya Watanabe, the director of Watanabe Life Adjustment Clinic, a clinic where patients come from all over the country and even overseas, as the clinic has no repeat patients due to the rapid recovery.

Junya Watanabe Director, Watanabe Life Adjustment Clinic
Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1985. Developer of Musubi HealingⓇ (formerly Musubi Therapy).
Director of Watanabe Life Coordination Institute, president of Watanabe Musubi Healing School.

He decided to become a therapist in order to heal the aftereffects of a traffic accident he suffered in childhood.
As soon as I was able to heal myself, my healing ability was discovered.
Develop Musubi HealingⓇ.

The clinic's reputation quickly spread as a treatment clinic with zero repeat customers, with clients no longer coming back because of the healing process, and clients come from all over the country and even overseas.
He is active in conveying the wonders of Kenyuki, centering on Musubi Healing.

His books include ``Your attitude will change your life'' and ``Self-healing will bring you the world you want.''

Watanabe Life Adjustment Institute Official Website

table of contents

1. Interview with the director of a healing clinic with zero repeat customers that promotes health and happiness

2. The font has energy and is great for signing books.

3. Future prospects and use of original signs

4. Conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

Interview with the director of a healing clinic with zero repeat customers that promotes health and happiness

Name Sign ①

First of all, please introduce yourself.

My name is Junya Watanabe, a healer.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of Watanabe Life Adjustment Clinic.

At our clinic, we offer Musubi Healing, a uniquely developed healing method, with the concept of helping patients manage their own health and well-being through improving their physical and mental health conditions, as well as providing guidance on training healers who can provide Musubi Healing, and publishing books. I am involved in writing and other communications that are useful for health and happiness.

My hobbies include playing with my two cats,

My hobbies include taking a camera (mainly taking pictures of landscapes), visiting shrines, gardening, and playing the ukulele.

Healing is a field that we don't usually have many opportunities to come into contact with, but could you please tell us what it is?

There is no specific definition of healing in the world, and it comes in many different forms.

Therefore, I will tell you about the healing that I do here.

It originally started as a chiropractic practice.

There are over 200 techniques in chiropractic, but the procedure I was using was a very minor technique called upper cervical chiropractic.

This technique is the prototype of Musubi Healing, which similarly applies soft and momentary stimulation to the neck.

Although I was providing treatment under the name of chiropractic, the clients who received the treatment felt that it was completely different from the chiropractic care they had received before.

Not only that, but people who had received upper cervical chiropractic using the same technique in the past had similar reactions.

Of course I was happy with the results I received, but even though I practice chiropractic, I was having trouble using the word chiropractic to convey what I was doing.

Name Sign ②

During this time, I came up with my own interpretation, and everything from the treatment policy to the method of treatment changed.

Just because a client is able to stay healthy and happy by continuing to receive treatment, it cannot be said that they are healthy and happy.The client should be able to manage his or her own health and happiness even if he or she does not receive treatment. I believe that this is a fundamental treatment, and from there I refined my techniques such as counseling and advice for health and well-being, and started conducting sessions that included treatments.

Then, the number of clients who were interested in the spiritual world suddenly increased.

Therefore, we gradually interposed the name Musubi Therapy, and at the right time changed the name to Healing, a word familiar to those interested in the spiritual world.

So it wasn't originally done as a healing thing, but in my case it was an afterthought (lol).

After choosing this name, it became much easier for people to understand the treatment.

The mental aspects are also taken care of.

I agree.

If I were to talk about this here, it would be a whole book, so I'll just talk about it briefly.

(If you are interested in this story, please read the book ``Self-healing will bring you the world you want''.)

When we search for the cause of physical discomfort, we always end up in the mind and soul.

Musubi Healing is a treatment that adjusts not only the body but also the mind and soul, so it is fine to do just that, but in order to create an even more synergistic effect, we also recommend an approach that adjusts from all aspects through counseling and advice. I will continue to do so.

Many clients feel that their hearts are purified during counseling and their tears naturally flow.

Please tell me about Musubi Healing.

It is a healing that harmonizes the soul, spirit, and body, and brings life into harmony.

Our goal is to help you improve your mental and physical health by improving your understanding of your own mind and body, so that you can improve your health and manage your health and well-being from the ground up.

The method is to apply soft and momentary stimulation to the neck, and the moment you apply it, your mind and body will become better, and all illnesses and symptoms will begin to improve.

Another feature of Musubi Healing is that it can heal people far away using energy, which is called distance healing, and it can also treat animals.

Mr. Watanabe, does this reflect your own experience?

Yes, it is no exaggeration to say that that is everything.

I decided to become a therapist in order to cure the aftereffects of a traffic accident I had when I was a child.

No matter what kind of treatment I received, it didn't heal, and I felt hopeless about my life, so I decided to try to learn and cure it myself as my last hope.

By doing so, I was able to heal by facing myself while deepening my understanding of my mind and body.

So it's not like I had someone else heal me, but rather I healed myself while deepening my understanding of my body and mind.

When I incorporated this into a healing session so that I could go through the process of deepening the understanding of my mind and body that was necessary to heal myself, I began to see miraculous results that were unimaginable by medical common sense.

Most people who visit the hospital recover from their physical and mental illness within 3 to 4 visits, and those who visit the hospital due to illness are discharged, so we have come to be recognized by many as a treatment clinic with zero repeat customers. .

Please tell me the origin of your name.

First, his parents brought some possible names to Mr. I Ching in Narita Mountain, and at first he was given the name Shinji, but he was rejected because his grandfather with the same name was still alive. (lol).

The first name that came up was Junya.

This name was given to me with the hope that I would grow up to be pure.

There is a saying that a name reveals one's body, and I feel that this is true.

It seems like the name given to me in that sense is engraved in my subconscious, and I try to live my life in accordance with it.

The font has energy and is great for signing books.

Name Signature Book 3

Please tell us how you ordered the quick-drawn autograph.

I discovered Kusei Sign just nine months after the publication of my second book, ``Self-Healing: The World You Want'' was published.

I was asked to sign books that I had published, and I had more opportunities to do so, but I never felt comfortable doing so.

Actually, I had asked two other companies to make signs in the past, but when I looked at the finished products, I didn't really like them; they were almost the same as signs I had designed myself in the past.

So I was wondering if I would ever ask someone to make a sign again.

But when I saw Sobue's handwriting, I immediately changed my mind.

The handwriting was so beautiful and artistic that I wanted to see what kind of signature Sobue-san's sensibilities would create.

■Watanabe's book:
“Your life starts to change with your posture – How to easily create a posture that you just need to be aware of”
"The world you desire will come to you through self-healing. A way of thinking that will eliminate all ailments in your mind and body."

Which was your favorite sign?

My favorite is the practical version of Kanji.

Name Sign Practical Type 2

I use this mold as a base and add my own personal arrangements to it, and use it for things such as book signatures and credit card signatures.

Name signature handwritten

↑ Mr. Watanabe's handwritten signature with an arrangement

I was very impressed when I saw this sign.

I thought it was a sign that ideas for writing easily and beautifully were incorporated throughout.

The name Junya Watanabe consists of the two letters of his last name being right-handed and the two letters of his first name being right-handed, so they all flow to the right, but he cannot connect the letters properly and has to put the pen down many times. I was worried that the signature would be difficult to write.

Since I'm a healer, I try to put a lot of energy into my signature when I sign something, but I can't put enough energy into it.

The sign you made this time can be written in one stroke, which solves the problem, and I really like the beautiful way the pen flows.

*For quick-drawn signs, you can create cool signs in five fonts: practical, unique, quick-writing, polite, and stylish, using kanji, English, and abbreviations, so that you can use the sign differently depending on the purpose and usage scene. I am creating it.

Which was your favorite sign in English?

All of them were great, but my favorite was the practical version.

I definitely want to use this sign when I go overseas.

Name Signature Alphabet 2

Can you think of any services related to signs that you would like?

It would be nice to have something written vertically like a professional baseball player's autograph.

I like it because it feels like a Japanese signature.

I think writing the name Junya Watanabe vertically requires more effort than writing it horizontally, and I'm really curious to see how Mr. Sobue would express this based on his sensibilities.

*Currently, you can also request the creation of a vertical version.

I also think it would be nice to have a kao version used by military commanders and politicians.

Also, regarding the production of signs, I think it would be better if, for example, we could have a remote meeting and listen to the requests of the client while making them.

It would be really interesting if Mr. Sobue looked at the client's personality and created it as if he was drawing a picture.

I think that by allowing the client to be involved in the production and get to know Sobue in this way, it becomes a sign that the client feels more attached to the work.

name signature calligraphy

We are starting a new service called Quickwriting Sign Community. What kind of service would you like to join?

At Speed ​​Sign, we are considering forming a quick sign community as a service that will add value to our user members. The specific services we plan to provide are as follows.

For user members only,
・Networking (social gatherings held several times a year)
・Discount service (planned to link discounts and preferential services that can be used on credit cards, travel, dining, etc.)
- Promotion page for our services (we plan to create a page on the Quick Sign community site where we can introduce our services)

If it's a community where all participants can connect and prosper together, they may want to join.

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Future prospects and use of original signs

Name Signature Watanabe-san

Please tell us about your future outlook on life and how you would like to use signs in it.

Simply put, it is the realization of a world where everyone around the world is healthy and happy.

If I say this, my goal may be too big and people will laugh at me, but I believe that I can do it.

To achieve this, I would like to spread the message of health and happiness through Musubi Healing.

Of course, the original sign you made this time will also be a source of strength.

I mainly use it when I am asked to sign a book as a way to get to know myself.

Thank you very much to Mr. Speed ​​Sign and Mr. Sobue for creating such a wonderful sign.

In conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

Name Signature Sobue-san

How was it?

That concludes our interview with Junya Watanabe.

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Name Signature Sobue Photo

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Name Sign Font

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Name Sign Price

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How to write name signature

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