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Interview with official TikTokers who aim to grow with cool signs

In this article series, we interview customers who have requested us to create original signatures using "Speed ​​Hand Signs" and ask them why they asked us to create their signatures , their future outlook on life , and what kind of situations they will use their signatures in the future. We will dig deeper into how you would like to utilize it .

What kind of person is actually requesting the creation of an original signature of "quick-drawn signature"? What kind of font is the signature that the person likes? This is a thought-provoking article.

If you are interested in creating a cool original sign, please read until the end.

This time, we interviewed Galileo, an official TikToker who distributes educational content on TikTok and boasts approximately 320,000 followers, the largest number in the business genre.

Galileo Official TikToker
Born in 1993.
After graduating from graduate school (master's degree), he worked as a university administrator, and then moved to a sales position at an IT company in order to achieve stability and growth in the true sense of the word.
He started TikTok in April 2019 and is currently the official TikToker with the most followers in Japan (approximately 320,000 people) among educational and business TikTokers.
At the same time, he is the representative director of TikTok's official agency.

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table of contents

1. Interview with top TikToker of business content

2. Limited-edition signatures are also great for fan service!

3. Future prospects and use of original signs

4. Conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

Interview with top TikToker of business content

Cool_Sign_Galileo-san 2

First of all, please introduce yourself.

I am an official TikToker under the name Galileo.

On YouTube, Atsuhiko Nakata and others are streaming the educational genre on TikTok. Currently, the number of followers is approximately 320,000, making it the number one follower in Japan in the business-related genre.

As a result of my TikTok activities, I now provide TikTok consulting to around 250 accounts, including companies and individuals. In the future, we also plan to develop an advertising business on TikTok.

Please tell us how you became a TikToker.

Originally, after graduating from graduate school, I took a job in university administration in search of stability.

However, when I started working, I realized that it wasn't very rewarding, and that even if I had a stable job with lifelong employment until I turned 60, I didn't have any skills that I could put to use after I turned 60, so it was actually an unstable job. It's gone.

So, when I thought about what I should do to achieve true stability, I realized that I needed to continue to grow, so I changed jobs to a sales job that was highly versatile and in the growing web field. .

Cool_Sign_Galileo-san 3

That's when I learned about the work of influencers, became interested in it, and started pursuing it.

Since YouTube and other sites were a red ocean, we chose TikTok, which had the highest growth potential at the time.

At that time, everyone was dancing on TikTok, and that's when we started talking about know-how.

Currently, we also operate the official MCN (MCN: Multi Channel Network), which is the official office of TikTok.

The exclusive signature is also great for fan service!

Sign_Cool_Galileo 4

Please tell us how you decided to request the creation of an original sign while doing such work.

Sometimes I have fans ask me for my autograph, but I think it's lame to just sign in katakana (lol).

I felt embarrassed every time.

The first thing I did was to wonder if there was a cool sign that would be cool.

Recently, TikTok has opened a community space in Shibuya, and this sign is also posted there.

They made a cool sign for me, so I no longer have to worry about signing it!

■ TikTok Community Base

A real space with the theme of building a community of TikTok creators.

Date and time: June 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 (tentative)


Which was your favorite pattern among the original signs you created?

I received about 10 patterns, and I used the simplest "practical" sign.

Cool_Sign_Galileo-san 6Cool_Sign_Galileo-san 7

The quick handwriting signature was also introduced in a TikTok post!

Click here for the video → I had a sign made! ! !

Cool signature screenshot

Please let me know what you thought after practicing your signature.

Many of them were highly reproducible, so I was able to put them into practice without practicing, and once I learned how to write them, I never forgot them.

We also put a signature on the back of the business card, so when you give it to your fans, they will recognize it as a card.

Since we can create a limited-edition performance, people are always happy and think it's cool.

Cool_Sign_Galileo-san 7

Also, if you put your signature on your business card, it's convenient because you can always see it if you forget how to write it!

Please tell me the origin of the name "Galileo".

There are two origins.

The first one is taken from the TV drama Galileo.

Thanks to the setting of the drama, the name Galileo was already branded with the image of being "smart."

However, since the drama ended, this name had never been used in any other content, so it was a convenient empty space.

Since I was aiming to become an educational TikToker, I thought that if I used the name Galileo, I would get the same branding, so I decided to use the name Galileo.

Cool_Sign_Galileo-san 6

The other name comes from Galileo Galilei.

Although he advocated a heliocentric theory, he conflicted with the church, which advocated a geocentric theory, and was brought to an Inquisition, and in the end, he succumbed to the authorities.

I think the reason why Galileo ended up the way he did at that time was because he was unable to have the power to communicate.

However, in this day and age, TikTok and many SNS have given us the power to communicate, and we are now in an age where we can say what we want to say.

In this environment, I chose the name Galilei because I wanted to communicate what I thought and what I thought was right.

I'm saying that the name Galileo has that meaning, as if it's not an afterthought (lol).

What do you expect from the speedwriting autograph community?

At Speed ​​Sign, we are considering forming a quick sign community as a service that will add value to our user members. The specific services we plan to provide are as follows.

For user members only,

・Networking (social gatherings held several times a year)
・Discount service (planned to link discounts and preferential services that can be used on credit cards, travel, dining, etc.)
- Promotion page for our services (we plan to create a page on the Quick Sign community site where we can introduce our services)

Currently, there are many situations in which influencers and businesses do not understand each other's reality and are unable to properly recognize each other's skills and potential.

However, each has strengths, such as monetization and project acquisition know-how on the business side, and communication power and creative ability on the influencer side.

It would be great if there was a system that could effectively connect influencers and businesses so that they could build a relationship where they could leverage each other's strengths and compensate for each other's weaknesses.

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Future prospects and use of original signs

Cool sign_Galileo

Please tell us about your future outlook on life and how you would like to use signs in it.

I want to scale the company even more than it is now!

To that end, I would like to start an advertising business and create an advertising-related company derived from TikTok.

In the process of achieving this goal, I would like to use business cards with original signatures as cards.

Business cards are basically something that can be thrown away, and even though there are many companies out there, they don't leave a lasting impression.

I think the business card I made really stands out because it's black, and the name Galileo and the fact that it's signed in gold letters also really stand out.

Cool_Sign_Galileo's gold letters

I believe that in the process of first meeting that leads to business, we need to increase the percentage of impact of each stage of business negotiations.

When increasing that percentage, the expansion of the subsequent stages will be proportional to whether the first stage of getting people to remember you is 1%, 2%, 10% or 20%. It should grow and grow.

Cool_Sign_Galileo's graph

I think it is a sign that doubles or even more the percentage of recognition at the entrance.

I want to grow with this business card!

In conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

Cool_Signature_Quick writing signature 1

How was it?

That concludes our interview with Galileo.

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Cool_sign_fast writing signature 3

Speed ​​Hand Sign is the only service in Japan that designs signs in five fonts.

This service was made possible because of the repeated research and practice of calligraphers who are professional calligraphers.

You can also choose from five different plans, so we can accommodate a wide range of needs, including the type of sign you're looking for.

Cool_sign_fast writing signature 4

Signs created by professionals are not only highly designed and cool, but they are also created with a perfect balance in mind, so anyone can write them with practice .

Furthermore, the quick hand signature comes with a video of the stroke order of the signature and a practice sheet , making it easy to practice!

Cool_sign_fast writing signature 5

A cool original sign that will last a lifetime is the best investment you can make in yourself .

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