Very satisfied with the original signature. Interview with Mr. Tsukino, a star reading consultant – 速筆サイン

Very satisfied with the original signature. Interview with Mr. Tsukino, a star reading consultant

In this article series, we interview customers who have requested us to create original signatures for "Speed ​​Hand Signs" and ask them why they asked us to create their signatures , their future prospects for life , and what kind of situations they will use their signatures in the future. We will dig deeper into how you would like to utilize it .

What kind of person is actually requesting the creation of an original signature of "quick-drawn signature"? What kind of font is the signature that the person likes? This is a thought-provoking article.

If you are interested in creating cool or cute signs, please read until the end.

This time, we interviewed Sayaka Tsukino, who provides consulting services using astrology.

Sayaka Tsukino
Representative of Tsukino Gift Production
She moved to Tokyo as a teenager and was accepted as a backup dancer for a certain singer despite having no experience.
After that, she became a local idol in Shizuoka, but was soon fired, and was then scouted from her part-time job at a yam shop, where she came in fifth place out of 3,000 people at a former major securities company and won the president's award.
Now that she has become a single mother after a divorce, she not only has to deal with financial issues, but also wonders, ``What was my life like?'' While searching for the meaning of her birth, she came across astrology.
In July 2021, she published her first book “Yam Cinderella”.

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table of contents

1. Interview with Sayaka Tsukino, who uses astrology to change your life

2. I like the “individualized” signs for both kanji and English characters.

3. Future prospects and use of original signs

4. Conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

Interview with Sayaka Tsukino, who is changing her life through astrology

Cute_sign_Tsukino-san 1

First of all, please introduce yourself.

My name is Sayaka Tsukino.

I live in Hiroshima and do consulting using astrology.

Based on data on your date of birth, time, and place of birth, and how the sun and moon in the sky, as well as celestial bodies such as Mercury, Mars, and Saturn, were scattered above your head at the moment you were born. , humans have a predetermined plan for what they should do.

Originally, when I was working at a securities company, I got divorced and wondered what was going on with my life, so I studied various self-development methods to find myself.

Cute_sign_Tsukino-san 2

During that time, I came across astrology and learned that astrology was originally a form of wisdom for people to live.

So I started studying with a rebellious spirit, thinking, ``What's that? If I knew that, no one would be in trouble.''

I've always loved history, but the Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge in England were built based on stars, and Nikko Toshogu Shrine, where Tokugawa Ieyasu is buried, was built using the North Star as a guide, and from there you can see the direction of Tokyo. If you look, you'll see Edo Castle directly south, and Zojoji Temple ahead of it, all lined up in a straight line.

``Astrology is amazing. Why has fortune-telling become such an entertainment thing now?'' I wondered, and when I tried to understand it based on history, I realized that people who were familiar with astrology might get in the way politically. I thought it had been knocked down by entertainment.


Nowadays, it is often dismissed as fortune-telling, but I learned the power of astrology and started thinking that people might change if they used it more to create their own lives. Because I was good at sales, I was able to gradually change the lives of many people for the better, and I realized that astrology was a necessary skill.

Cute_sign_Tsukino-san 3

It's only been two years since I started my business, but I've learned the meaning of being born using the stars, and since then, the people involved have started selling businesses that weren't selling at all, and I've been able to start selling from famous companies that everyone knows. You started getting offers, and without doing anything special, just by living your life knowing the flow of stars that you were born with, things like that began to happen to you.

Since then, male business owners with 100 employees have come to us for advice, and astrology has gradually become more widespread.

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I like the “individualized” sign with both kanji and English characters.

Cute_Sign_English character type

Cute_Sign_Kanji personality type

Do you ever find yourself signing autographs in your daily activities?

When I published my book, I was asked for an autograph and it was quite embarrassing.

I didn't have my signature, so I was like, "Huh? What should I do?"

I wrote a simple signature and gave it to everyone, so I wish I had come across this original signature sooner.

Which sign was your favorite?

I like the kanji for ``individual type''.

In fact, I often need a signature for credit card payments, and because I travel a lot for work, I often need a signature when checking in at a hotel.

I'm not good at handwriting, but I'm happy because I can use this sign to make it look cool.

For work, I like the English character "individual type" because it's cool.

However, I like all of them, so I'm practicing hard on all of them.

*For quick-drawn signs, you can create cool signs in five fonts: practical, unique, quick-writing, polite, and stylish, using kanji, English, and abbreviations, so that you can use the sign differently depending on the purpose and usage scene. I am creating it.

How was it when you actually practiced?

At first, I thought the tracing sheet was enough for practice.

However, I can somehow predict the order of strokes for practical type signatures because they are close to my name, but when it comes to quick handwriting type or individual type, I have no idea what is going on.

However, when I checked the stroke order video, I was able to understand the entire flow of the signature, so I was glad.

The video itself was short, so I was able to quickly watch 6 autographs.

*In order to make it easier to practice with speed-written signatures, some plans come with a video of the stroke order of the signature and a practice sheet.

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Future prospects and use of original signs

Cute_sign_Tsukino-san 5

Please tell us about your future prospects in life.

Creating a Neo Earth Style.

After my child was suspected of having a developmental disorder, I began to think that school education alone was not enough.

I think my son would be considered a genius if he didn't fit in with his school education.

However, my concentration is so intense that sometimes I can't go to the next class.

I think that once you concentrate on something, you want to keep doing art and crafts, and you don't want to finish it until the end.

I've calmed down a bit lately, but I used to be a kid who would keep making Pythagora Switches until 2 or 3 a.m. until they were completed.

Cute_sign_Tsukino-san 6

I think it's amazing, but it's something that isn't allowed at school, so isn't it the school that's weird? That's what I thought.

I think you need to learn to listen to your superiors, whether it's living in a group, reading, or writing.

Do we have to kill our individuality just to do that? Ever since I thought about it, I've been thinking that it would be nice to have a place where you can ``live this world while making the most of your individuality'' as a new way of life, and I'm creating a place like that.

He advocates that ``You don't have to sacrifice your individuality to get praised by your teacher,'' and ``But you need to do well in order to survive.''

In the process of creating Neo Earth Style, I would like to utilize the original signature in various places.

In conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

Cute_Signature_Speed-hand signature

How was it?

That concludes our interview with Sayaka Tsukino.

If you use signs in everyday life such as credit card payments, if you have the opportunity to use signs at work like Mr. Tsukino, if you are a manager, if you are a businessman, and if you want a stylish and cute original sign that is only one in the world, Please feel free to request us to create your original signature .

At ``Speed ​​Signs'', professional calligraphers who are experts in calligraphy create custom-made stylish and cute original signs that are unique in the world.

Cute_Signature_Quick writing signature 2

We create signs in five fonts: practical , unique , quick-writing , polite , and stylish so that you can use the signs differently depending on the purpose and usage situation.

Cute_sign_fast writing signature 3

Speed ​​Hand Sign is the only service in Japan that designs signs in five fonts.

This service was made possible because of the repeated research and practice of calligraphers who are professional calligraphers.

You can also choose from five different plans, so we can accommodate a wide range of needs, including the type of sign you're looking for.

Cute_Sign_Quick writing signature 4

Signs created by professionals are not only highly designed, fashionable, and cute, but they are also created with a perfect balance in mind, so anyone can write them with practice .

Furthermore, the quick hand signature comes with a video of the stroke order of the signature and a practice sheet , making it easy to practice!

Cute_sign_fast writing sign 5

A stylish and cute original sign that can be used for a lifetime is the best investment in yourself .

Would you like to create your own signature, the only one in the world?

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