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Turn your original signature into a business card. Interview with the representative of new graduate employment support service

In this article series, we interview customers who have requested us to create original signatures for "Speed ​​Hand Signs" and ask them why they asked us to create their signatures , their future prospects for life , and what kind of situations they will use their signatures in the future. We will dig deeper into how you would like to utilize it .

What kind of person is actually requesting the creation of a custom-made "speed signature" sign, what kind of font is the signature that the person likes, and the image after actually requesting the creation of the signature. This is an article that will make you think.

Recently, an increasing number of customers are ordering ``quick writing autographs'' as gifts . If you are interested in creating a cool original sign, or if you are looking for a gift for adults, please read until the end.

This time, we interviewed Mr. Gai Yonekawa, the CEO of Stella Point Co., Ltd., a new graduate job hunting agency and a company that provides human resources development support through interns, with the mission of nurturing "shining stars with high business competitiveness." .

Kai Yonekawa Representative Director and President of Stella Point Co., Ltd.

Born in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, she has been swimming for 20 years and was a member of the athletic club's swimming club during her university days.
After graduating from university, he worked for a real estate venture and gained experience in sales of investment condominiums, etc.
After that, based on his own job-hunting experience, he wanted to establish a human resources agency that speaks honestly, and in March 2021, he established the employment support service Stella Point.

Click here for the official website of Stella Point Co., Ltd.

table of contents

1. Interview with the representative of a new graduate job hunting agent who is “causing a whirlwind in the human resources industry”

2. I was impressed by the original signature of the present. Also used for business cards

3. Future prospects and use of original signs

4. Conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

Interview with a representative of a new graduate job hunting agent who is “causing a whirlwind in the human resources industry”

Sign original Mr. Yonekawa

First of all, please introduce yourself.

My name is Gai Yonekawa.
I am the representative director and president of Stella Point Co., Ltd.

We operate on two axes: a recruitment business, mainly for new graduates, and an internship business.

In order to develop "shining stars with high business fighting ability," we conduct "serious interviews," "serious training," and "serious recruitment."

We strongly believe that we do not want new graduates to regret their one-time job search.
For this reason, during the interview, I try not to talk about superficial things, but talk about everything behind the scenes of recruitment, and I try to face the student seriously.

We also offer long-term internship opportunities. Students will actually be assigned to a department and will be asked to take the lead in running the business.
Because of practical experience, you can acquire specific skills and expand your knowledge about job hunting.

At Stella Point, we do not introduce people from right to left.
Since each company has a variety of recruitment issues, we provide recruitment support that takes each company seriously.

Previously, our main focus was recruiting people to events and agents, but we have now shifted to recruiting staff.
I would like to develop highly motivated students, get between them and companies, and focus on supporting their job hunting.

Signed original Yonekawa-san 2

With Director and Vice President Tsuyoshi Morikawa (left)

The number of employees is currently six, including outsourced employees. We also have over 50 intern students. As the number of students increases, we are no longer able to fit in the office space, so we are currently expanding.

The office has a venture atmosphere with darts and table tennis tables.

Signed original Yonekawa-san 3

Please tell us the reason for establishing the company.

I'm 25 years old now, and a few years ago when I was looking for a job as a new graduate, I used 6 agents. As I was interviewing with the agent, I felt that they were only looking at me as money, and I thought it was nonsense for students to think that way.

Moreover, I and my friends around me felt that we had made a mistake in our job-hunting choices because we were being manipulated by our agents.

In order to reduce the number of students like this, I wanted to create a whirlwind in the human resources industry, which is why I decided to start a human resources recruitment business.

What do you do in your private life and hobbies?

I don't take any time off, so I don't have any privacy at all.
In the past year, all I've done is sit at the office and work on my computer, or go out for drinks or meals with the members at night.
You could say that work is my hobby.
Right now, I feel like I'm working more for the members than for myself.

I'm the type of person who likes to do a lot of work when everyone else is playing or resting.
I don't want to show that I'm working hard, so I pretend that I don't do much work on weekdays when everyone is in the office.
Lately, there's been a rumor that the president doesn't do any work at all, and that's bothering me (lol).

On weekdays, I wander around the office to communicate with members, and on weekends, I interview students and communicate with clients.

Signed original Yonekawa-san 4

Please tell me the origin of your name.

First of all, the name "Gai" has the meaning of "softening people's hearts."
The other word is ``kachidoki,'' which also means ``bringing in victory.''

It seems that he named it with the hope that he would become a person with these two meanings.

I was very impressed with the original signature on the gift. Also used for business cards

Signed original Yonekawa-san 5

This time, I heard that the autograph was a gift from a friend. Have you ever talked about autographs before?

To be honest, I had never brought up the topic of autographs before, but it happened at a time when I was having trouble getting autographs.

I use my photo on my business card and also include my signature.
However, the signatures I have been using so far were amateur signatures that I had written myself.
Therefore, I was unsure whether to add the same signature when changing business cards.

At that time, I happened to receive a quick handwritten autograph as a gift, and I decided to include the original signature I had made on my new business card.
I was really happy because even though I had been hoping for an autograph, I happened to receive it as a present at a time when I hadn't told anyone.

Was there anything that made you want to create unique business cards with photos, signatures, etc.?

Some of our clients have their own photos and signatures in the same way, so we used that as a reference, and since we are a venture business, we discussed making them interesting and cool, and as a result, we created unique business cards.

At first, you give your business card to someone at the bank, saying sorry for the silly business card, but if you show them your business card, they will be amused.
That will have more of an impact and be remembered.

Signed original Yonekawa-san 6

Please tell us your impressions of the original signs you created and your favorite patterns.

When it arrived, I honestly thought, "What is this?"
But as I looked at them one by one, I thought they were really cool.

My favorites are first the practical type of English, and then the individual type of kanji. I thought these two were the best.

Sign original Kanji practical type

↑ Practical alphabet type

Sign original kanji unique type

↑ Kanji personality type

Also, the English personality type is the easiest for me to draw.

Sign original English lettering unique type

↑ English character personality type

*For quick-drawn signs, you can use kanji, English, and abbreviations to create cool signs in five fonts: practical, unique, fast-writing, polite, and stylish, so that you can use the sign differently depending on the purpose and usage scene. I am creating it.

Sign original calligrapher

All of them were so cool that when they first arrived, I went to show them to all the members.

Right now, I'm practicing on the whiteboard in my office while watching videos.
I haven't tried the PDF tracing sheet yet, so I think I'll try using that as well.

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sign@column ← Please copy and use this.

Future prospects and use of original signs

Sign original outlook

Please tell us about your future prospects and goals in life.

First of all, I want to surpass my parents. My parents' family is wealthy, but I decided to become independent because I wanted to surpass my parents' family.

Also, my future goal is to become an insurance policy for my closest friends.
For example, if you lost your job, you can work at my house, if you lost your house, then I'll rent it for you, if you were in a traffic accident and have to pay compensation, then I'll pay for it. I want to be the person you call Yonekawa when you're in trouble.

However, I have decided to only do this to friends within a 5 meter radius. I will not touch on people within a radius of 5.1 meters or more as they are irrelevant.
I am currently working very hard with the goal of having the financial and power to protect the people who are close to me within a 5 meter radius.

Sign original outlook 2

How would you like to use the speed signature to meet the goals you mentioned?

There are various situations in which signs can be used.
The day will come when your company grows and you'll be asked for an autograph, or you'll use it as a signature when borrowing money from the bank, or maybe even on a date (lol).

Also, first of all, I would like to put my original signature on my new business card.
When I change my business card, the vice president also changes it as well, so I would like to request him to make an original signature for me as well.

I have several people I know who would like autographs, so I would like to introduce them to quick autographs.

In conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

Signed original Sobue-san

How was it?

That concludes our interview with Mr. Yonekawa.

If you are like Mr. Yonekawa and use a lot of signatures for payments, if you are a business owner who wants to put your signature on your website or on your business cards, or if you are looking for a stylish and cool signature that can also be used as a gift, please consider purchasing an original. Please request a signature.

At ``Speed ​​Signs'', professional calligraphers who are experts in calligraphy will create custom-made, cool, original signatures that are only one of a kind in the world.

Signed original Sobue-san 2

We create signs in five fonts: practical , unique , quick-writing , polite , and stylish so that you can use the signs differently depending on the purpose and usage situation.

Sign original table

Speed ​​Hand Sign is the only service in Japan that designs signs in five fonts.

This service was made possible because of the repeated research and practice of calligraphers who are professional calligraphers.

You can also choose from five different plans, so we can accommodate a wide range of needs, including the type of sign you're looking for.

Sign original plan

Signs created by professionals are not only highly designed and cool, but they are also created with a perfect balance in mind, so anyone can write them with practice.

Furthermore, the quick hand signature comes with a video of the stroke order of the signature and a practice sheet, making it easy to practice!

Sign original gif

A cool original sign that will last a lifetime is the best investment you can make in yourself.

Would you like to create your own signature, the only one in the world?

Order an autograph with quick-drawn autograph↓↓

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quick writing signature