I am very satisfied with the playful original sign. Interview with the – 速筆サイン

I am very satisfied with the playful original sign. Interview with the representative of a law firm

In this article series, we interview customers who have requested us to create original signatures using "Speed ​​Hand Signs" and ask them why they asked us to create their signatures , their future outlook on life , and what kind of situations they will use their signatures in the future. We will dig deeper into how you would like to utilize it .

What kind of person is actually requesting the creation of an original signature of "Speed-hand signature"? What kind of font is the signature that the person likes? This is a thought-provoking article.

If you are interested in creating cool original signs, please read until the end.

This time, we interviewed attorney Shogo Takeuchi, the representative of Ace Lawyer Corporation, whose mission is to "accelerate the advancement of legal services."

Mr. Shogo Takeuchi, lawyer, member of the Shizuoka Bar Association

Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Law (2009)
Graduated from Keio University Law School (2011)
Registered as a lawyer (2012)
Established Ace Lawyer Corporation (2018)
Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association/Children’s Law Committee member (until 2020)
Member of the Mita Bar Association Member of the Japan Traffic Law Society Tokyo Child Rights Protection Investigator (until 2020)
Shizuoka Prefecture Bar Association (2020)

Juvenile Incident Handbook (co-authored) (Seirin Shoin)
Collection of traffic accident settlement examples (co-authored) (Daiichi Hoki)
Basics and practice of criminal and juvenile cases (co-authored) (Nippon Kajo Publishing)
Click here for the official website of Ace Lawyer Corporation, Mr. Takeuchi's introduction page.

table of contents

1. “I want to support the legitimate claims of people with small voices.” Interview with the representative of a law firm

2. A simple sign of your favorite. Practicing using videos!

3. Future prospects and use of original signs

4. Conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

Interview with the representative of a law firm who says, “I want to support the legitimate claims of people with small voices.”

Signed original Takeuchi-san 1

First of all, please introduce yourself.

This is Shogo Takeuchi.
I am a lawyer and the representative of Ace Lawyer Corporation.

The head office is in Ginza, and branches are in Yokohama and Hamamatsu. It has been 4 years since our establishment, and we are now in our 5th year.

I have gained experience mainly in civil matters, and my firm handles many civil cases.

Signed original Takeuchi-san 2

Ace Lawyer Corporation Official Website

I recently moved from Tokyo to the Miura Peninsula, and since the sea and river are right nearby, my hobbies include waking up a little early in the morning and going for walks at the sea or walking along the river.

Signed original Takeuchi-san 3

Please tell me the origin of your name.

The name ``Shogo,'' written as ``reflect on me,'' is said to have been taken from a passage in the Chinese classic ``The Analects'' that says, ``We reflect on ourselves three times each day.''

This is the same origin of the name of the publishing company, Sanseido.

Please tell us about your background in becoming a lawyer.

Signed original Takeuchi-san 4

There are two reasons.

First, there was a drama that aired when I was in junior high school, and Sanma Akashiya's father was a lawyer, and his daughter was Ryoko Hirosue.

At the time, I liked Ryoko Hirosue, so I had the image that if she became a lawyer, my daughter would be Hirosue.

That's the first reason why it's shallow (lol).

Another reason is that I've always been a talker, so I'm good at talking, and there were many situations where I talked to people.

Signed original Takeuchi-san 6

However, there were times when I saw people winning just by the volume of their voices, and I thought that was unreasonable.

I have seen many situations where even people with low voices may be saying the right thing, but their words are drowned out by the volume of their voice.

During that time, I thought that it wouldn't be good if the same thing happened in the adult world.

Because of this background, I started pursuing a job as a lawyer that had a vague image of being able to support the legitimate claims of people with little voices.

My favorite is a simple sign. Practicing using videos!

Signed original Takeuchi-san 5

Are there any situations in which you usually use signs? Also, please tell us why you were asked to create a quick-drawn signature.

It is often used as a credit card sign. I would also like to use it as a hotel sign.

The reason I commissioned the creation was because I thought it would be playful and interesting to have an original signature.

The people around me who are a little older and who I think are cool are of course hard at work, but they also have a playful side. When something is playful, I get the impression that a lot of consideration has been put into it.

I thought it would be cool if I could write something smooth and playful on my signature.

Do you ever have to sign autographs at work?

When you appear in court, there is a record of attendance, but if you write your original signature there, people might think you're getting carried away (lol).

I think I'll try using it in situations like this when I get a little older.

Signed original Takeuchi-san 6

Please tell us your impressions of the original signs you created and your favorite patterns.

I was wondering how it would turn out, but both the kanji and English characters were cool and I liked it.

I thought it was amazing that it was completed in such a short time.

My favorite is the practical type, which has both kanji and English characters.

Sign original Kanji practical type

↑ Kanji practical type

Sign original English letters practical type

↑ Practical alphabet type

I watched the practice video a couple of times and got a vague idea of ​​what I was doing, so I was able to practice easily.

*For quick-drawn signs, you can create cool signs in five fonts: practical, unique, quick-writing, polite, and stylish, using kanji, English, and abbreviations, so that you can use the sign differently depending on the purpose and usage scene. I am creating it.

Are there any services you would like related to signatures?

There may be easier, simpler patterns that you can master in a minute.

I also think it would be a good idea to have a plan that reduces the number of types and allows you to create just 2 or 3 signs that you can master both kanji and English characters within 1 minute for less than 10,000 yen.

If the plan is that light, it might be possible to introduce it at a drinking party and have everyone sign up on the spot.

Up until now, autographs have never been talked about, but if someone has an original autograph, I think people will start talking about it and ask, "What is that?"

At that time, it may be easier to consider if the price is low.

Signed original Sobue-san

We are starting a new service called Quickwriting Sign Community. What kind of service would you like to join?

At Speed ​​Sign, we are considering forming a quick sign community as a service that will add value to our user members. The specific services we plan to provide are as follows.

For user members only,
・Networking (social gatherings held several times a year)
・Discount service (planned to link discounts and preferential services that can be used on credit cards, travel, dining, etc.)
・A page to promote our services (we plan to set up a page on the Quick Sign community site where we can introduce our services)

Business communities are common, so I think it would be good if that were the case, but a community of common hobbies or fun might be a better place to start.

I think everyone is probably tired of cross-industry networking events (lol).

If it's useful, I think I can make time to participate at least once a month.

Use the coupon to get a quick autograph!
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Future prospects and use of original signs

Signed original Takeuchi-san 8

Please tell us about your future outlook on life and how you would like to use signs in it.

First, in terms of work, our goal is to stabilize the office, expand further, and create an environment where employees can work with peace of mind and enjoy themselves.

Personally, I recently had my third child, and my eldest child is about to enter elementary school, so I want to focus on my family's happiness both at work and at home.

As I expand my business and private life, I would like to use this original sign as I find myself using more signs.

In conclusion: Recommended points for quick signatures

Signed original Sobue-san 2

How was it?

That concludes our interview with Mr. Takeuchi.

People like Mr. Takeuchi who use a lot of signs for things like credit card payments, business owners who are considering easy and good-looking signs, and people who want to make full use of stylish and cool original signs that are the only one in the world. Please feel free to request us to create an original signature for you.

At ``Speed ​​Signs'', professional calligraphers who are experts in calligraphy will create custom-made, cool, original signatures that are only one of a kind in the world.

Signed original Sobue-san 3

We create signs in five fonts: practical , unique , quick-writing , polite , and stylish so that you can use the signs differently depending on the purpose and usage situation.

Sign original graph

Speed ​​Hand Sign is the only service in Japan that designs signs in five fonts.

This service was made possible because of the repeated research and practice of calligraphers who are professional calligraphers.

You can also choose from five different plans, so we can accommodate a wide range of needs, including the type of sign you're looking for.

Sign original plan

Signs created by professionals are not only highly designed and cool, but they are also created with a perfect balance in mind, so anyone can write them with practice.

Furthermore, the quick hand signature comes with a video of the stroke order of the signature and a practice sheet, making it easy to practice!

Sign original video

A cool original sign that will last a lifetime is the best investment you can make in yourself.

Would you like to create your own signature, the only one in the world?

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